2018 has come and gone, and 2019 will be another busy year for the High Ridge Fire District, as we continue our mission of providing the finest fire protection, medical services, and public education to our residents. As we look ahead to a new year, we also want to take some time to look back at just a few of the major efforts we undertook last year.

The Fire District went through an extensive review by the Insurance Services Office (ISO), which is an agency that many insurance companies use to calculate insurance rates. At the conclusion of that review, the ISO awarded us an upgraded score, moving us from a “4” to a “3” (lower is better). We recommend our residents contact their insurance company to see if they use the ISO to calculate their premiums; the improved score could potentially lower your premiums.

Thanks to the voter’s support of Proposition Life Safety, we have ordered a new fire truck which will be delivered and put into service later this year. Our personnel spent over two years designing it, to make sure it fits the needs of our community. Stay tuned for updates as it progresses through the construction phase, up until we take final delivery.

The safety of our community is the primary focus of our fire district. We take pride in some of the specialized services that we provide to achieve that goal. Many of our firefighters hold certifications in child passenger safety, and last year we installed 203 car seats for our residents. We have also partnered with the Red Cross to provide free smoke detectors to those who need them, and we installed 180 detectors in 2018. We also offer Project Lifesaver, a program specifically designed to help protect individuals with Autism or Alzheimer’s from the significant risks they face from wandering away from their caregiver.

Finally, and again as a result of the approval of Proposition Life safety, we have increased our staffing at house #4 on Four Ridge Road. We now have this station staffed with firefighters 24 hours a day, for a minimum of 4 days a week. This is a significant benefit to residents living in this portion of our district, as our response times to your emergencies will drop significantly.

I want to thank all of our residents for the continued support that you have given the High Ridge Fire District. We recognize the enormous responsibility we have to our community and are continually working to exceed expectations and be an organization everyone is proud of. You can keep up-to-date on our activities by following us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and also by visiting our website at www.highridgefire.com. Please also feel free to contact me directly with questions, concerns, or any other feedback that you might have.

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