CAFS RESCUE PUMPER Unit Number: 6414



Unit Number: 6414

Designation:  CAFS Rescue Pumper

Home: HRFD Station #1

Make: Rosenbaur

Year: 2011

Personnel: Seating and SCBA to accomodate 6 firefighters.

Water Capacity: 750 Gallons

Pump Capacity: 1,250 Gallons of Water Per Minute + Compressed Air Foam System Capability

Special Equipment: Light tower, hydrualic 6000 watt generator, front and rear hydrualic rescue tools, high and low pressure lifting airbags, 6,000psi cascade scba/scuba refill station, water rescue, rope rescue and vehicle rescue equipment. 6414 represents a new technology in fire suppression. It employs a compressed air foam system (CAFS) that actually mixes a foam product, water and air to make a foam solution which is a major advancement in extinguishment.

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