RESCUE PUMPER Unit Number: 6424




Unit Number: 6424

Designation:  Rescue Pumper

Home: HRFD Station #2

Make: American LaFrance

Year: 2002

Personnel: Seating and SCBA to accomodate 4 firefighters

Water Capacity: 750 Gallons

Pump Capacity: 1,500 Gallons of Water Per Minute

Special Equipment: Water rescue, rope rescue and vehicle rescue equipment, Hydrualic powered generator.
Additional: 6424 has a few specialized items that make this truck a part of the HRFD team. It has an onboard foam system that allows the use of firefighting foam on flammable liquid fires or to contain the vapors from flammable liquids to reduce the chance of ignition. It also has an extendable mast lighting system that can be raised to approximately 25′ to illuminate a large area.

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