RESCUE PUMPER Unit Number: 6444



Unit Number: 6444

Designation:  Rescue Pumper

Home: HRFD Station #4

Make: Pierce

Year: 1996

Personell: Seating and SCBA to accomodate 4 firefighters

Water Capacity: 1,000 Gallons

Pump Capacity: 1,250 Gallons of Water Per Minute

Special Equipment: With a full compliment of rescue tools, 6444 is designated as a rescue pumper but it carries enough water to be a tanker. 6444 also carries special drafting equipment that allows the firefighters to utilize water from a water source such as a pool, lake or stream. 6444 has ladder racks that lower hydrualically so the ladders may be stored above the truck but lowered for easy removal.

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