TANKER Unit Number: 6413



Unit Number: 6413

Designation:  Tanker/Tender

Home: HRFD Station #1

Make: American LaFrance

Year: 2002

Personell: Seating and SCBA to accomodate 6 firefighters

Water Capacity: 2500 Gallons

Pump Capacity: 1,500 Gallons of Water Per Minute

Special Equipment: Besides a massive amount of water, 6413 also carries a 3,000 gallon portable tank that can be deployed on the scene when hydrants or other water sources are not nearby. 6413 can fill this portable tank in under a minute with any one of three hydrualically controlled water chutes that come out of the sides and rear of the truck. After dumping it’s water in the portable tank at the scene, 6413 will go to a water source to get more water and return. Meanwhile, trucks at the scene will draft water from the portable tank until a tanker returns to refill the tank. As well as serving as a tanker this large truck carries rescue and drafting equipment.

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