Burning Regulations

Open Burning Within District Boundaries

The High Ridge Fire District does not issue permits for open burning; instead, our ordinances adopt the rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

For residents of the city of Byrnes Mill, open burning is prohibited at all times by city ordinance.

Additionally, the Fire Marshal of the High Ridge Fire Protection District may ban burning within the district at any time if it is determined that a hazardous condition exists.

Here is a summary of the regulations set forth by DNR and upheld by High Ridge Fire District:

  • Open burning of household refuse is prohibited. Wastes that may not be burned include but are not limited to tires, rubber products, hazardous materials, styrofoam, plastics, petroleum based products, demolition waste, treated wood and any asbestos containing material.
  • Open burning of trees, tree leaves or brush is allowed only in areas outside of incorporated municipalities from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m., from Sept. 16 and April 14 of each calendar year. During this time, burning is still considered weather dependent.
  • Materials such as tires or used oil may not be used to start the fires or be burned in the fires
  • Open burning of allowed materials is limited to a base of 16 square feet.
  • Campfires and other fires used solely for recreational purposes, ceremonial occasions or for outdoor noncommercial preparation of food are allowed in Missouri. Fires shall include only vegetative woody materials or untreated wood products.
  • Large bonfire and land clearing require projects permits from DNR (Department of Natural Resources)

Per the High Ridge Fire District Ordinance, weather conditions determine if it is appropriate to burn on a daily basis.

Call 636-677-3371 Monday through Friday prior to lighting your fire (not before 9:30 am).

Call 636-677-0547 Saturday or Sunday prior to lighting your fire (not before 9:30 am).

For more information, please refer to:

St. Louis County Department of Health
Air Pollution Control Section
6121 North Hanley Road St. Louis, MO 63134
Email: airpollution.doh@stlouisco.com

Missouri Department of Natural Resources Air Pollution Control Program
P.O. Box 176 Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176
573-751-4817 or 800-361-4827