Inspections / Permits


A commercial occupancy inspection is required for any new business or any existing business changing location or transferring ownership. The inspection fee is

    $100 for any business less than 5,000 square feet
    $150 for any business greater than 5,000 square feet

A Certificate of Occupancy will be issued to the business after the Fire Marshal’s office inspects the building and finds no violations of the provisions of our adopted fire code, or other laws enforced by the district.

All existing commercial occupancies will be inspected based on their hazard class, or at a minimum of every three years. This process helps business owners provide a safe environment for customers and employees. There is no cost for these recurring inspections, once occupancy has been granted, however, they are mandated by fire code and local ordinance.


landlord for all rental properties and the seller for any home purchases.

The inspection fees are:

    $75 for a 1 or 2 family dwelling
    $35 for mobile homes
    $40 per condo unit
    $35 per apartment unit


Any “New Commercial Construction” requires a building permit from the Fire District. The cost of the permit is based on the estimated construction cost of the project and is $100.00 for the first $2000 of construction cost and $3.50 for every $1,000 over the first $2000. Two sets of engineered sealed drawings are required. One set will be returned after plan review.


Anyone wishing to sell retail fireworks or have a commercial fireworks display must apply for a permit.

For retail fireworks sales, the permit fee is $2.00 per square foot of tent or outdoor merchandise space. The seller will be given a list of criteria that must be met before allowing the retail sales location to open for business.

For a commercial firework display (class b), the operator must apply for a permit from the Missouri State Fire Marshal’s Office. The High Ridge Fire Protection District does not require or issue additional permits.